Open Media Network

I would be lost without the likes of Stephen Downes…

While I’ve not had a good thorough look into this, Stephen’s posting about the Open Media Network  caught my attention.

My immediate thoughts were about copyright but looking at it a little more closely it’s a partnerships with several public broadcasters who are providing quality educational/social programs:

OMN provides free Internet TV and related services to audiences seeking high-quality, educational videos and socially conscientious programming. It gives viewers easy TV Guide®-like access to previously hard-to-find content created by noncommercial networks, educational institutions, non-profits and community-based organizations. Based on the most efficient video delivery technologies available today, OMN is thus enabled to provide its standard free movie downloads, free video downloads and free audio downloads in HD- or DVD-quality format. It also lets viewers take their personal OMN libraries mobile or to their living room TVs through TiVo®. Anyone with a public service mission can provide content. Primary content areas currently include: 1) public affairs/service, 2) education, 3) health, 4) arts & culture.” 

It’s all looking good. The viewer is free (though not presently available for Linux). The T&Cs are all indicating that it’s all legal and above board (though some programmes distributers may require payment/additional T&Cs). 

The only little groan I found myself uttering was when I found this reference to DRM on the partners page but then that may have been part of the deal in order to get some of the programme makers to sign up.

Time to see how the viewer pans out…

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