The first day

It’s always easiest on the first day because the enthusiasm is still there. I know it’s going to get tougher especially when it’s cold or I’m tired but I’ll hang on in there.
So why do I this? It’s a challenge each time I give up chocolate. I do like it rather a lot. So giving it up proves to myself that I’m not addicted to it. Plus as I do this for Lent it is an opportunity to reflect, to go through a time when I can’t automatically appease my anxieties or sweet tooth with chocolate.

As for the blogging.. well it’s taken sometime to write this. I’ve been distracted by Jamie Oliver’s Dream School which has prompted discussions between  myself and my hubby about engaging children in education. However, here’s the first full post of Lent. I hope as I get more into this these post will become more coherent and more meaningful.

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