Another busy day. Tomorrow is my first Keep in Touch day. Feeling prepared, as much as I can but still a little nervous. But it’ll be good to see everyone and start to ease my way back into work.

A chat this morning with some of the mums from school was interesting as we ended up discussing how long all of us would be working. Currently, there are plans to raise the retirement age up to 68. I fully expect by the time I am seriously thinking about retirement it will be up to 70.

I’m fully aware of the financial reasons for this and can understand it but taking the two mums as an example, some professions might be too stressful or too physical for some one at that age. One, is a social worker- this under appreciated profession often has to deal with highly stressful and risky situations.  How long can we ask people to take  on this type of work? Stress affects us physically as well as mentally and would someone in their late 60’s really want to continue in such a role for that length of time?

There are no easy answers to some of these questions but when these types of issues are raised we need to fully think through the consequences of political decisions. Something that recently may have been a little lacking.

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