So almost at the end of Lent and hence almost at the end of this blogging exploration.
Today I bought Easter eggs for family which was fine apart from being offered some tasters. The woman who offered was sympathetic and encouraging which was nice.
Starting to get ready for the trip to the NEC on Friday. No chocolate to tempt me but plenty of tech at the Gadget Show Live.
I’ve also been watching the last episode of Jamie Oliver’s Dream School. I’ve found it really interesting for several reasons:
– these disruptive pupils are found in every classroom and they have a huge impact on the whole class
– all the pupils frequently shown did show a degree of understanding at the end about why education is important. Was it for some if them about achieving a certain level of maturity before they could progress further?
– if Jamie Oliver can’t come up with some answers I think our education system is in deep trouble 😉
– finally I’m in complete agreement with the groups assessment of their meeting with David Cameron. He just fobbed them off.
I was heartened to see at the end some of kids were going to fulfil their ambitions.
Education should be treasured. We take going to school, college etc for granted. It’s such a pity that for some kids like the ones in the show that this isn’t understood until it’s too late.

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