So here I am. This is my last post of Lent. I’ve pretty much made it through. I’ve been looking back over my posts and particularly my aims at the end of Lent.
They were:
Not too eat too much chocolate after Lent. – Well, this remains to be seen but I’m positive that this will be the case.
Hopefully loose so weight – for once I surprised myself on this one. I’ve actually lost a few pounds. Some inspiration to keep to the aim above.
To write some more meaningful posts. – A bit of a mixed bag on this one. Not as thoughtful as I’d hoped but I am really pleased I’ve managed to blog every night.
Have I learned anything?
– Blogging has helped me examine my relationship with food more and identify the triggers for the chocolate cravings.
– I need to blog earlier in the evenings if I do want to write something meaningful.
– A good night’s sleep shouldn’t be underestimated.

Tomorrow I’ll write the last of the Lent posts about what I plan to do next.

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