Thinking about #Change11

I’ve had a bit of catching up to do recently due to other matters taking precedent but I’ve finally got some time to try and articulate why I want to be involved in #change11 and what I hope to get out of it. These come down to a few things

  • Better understanding of connectivism – I’d like to really engage with a course delivered with this as an underlying principle and experience this style of course for myself
  • Engagement in online course, get a real student experience – I work within the Higher Education sector but it’s been a while since I’ve really been a student for any length of time. It will be good to remind myself what being a student again is all about. There are differences between engaging in a course like this and my day to day role of leading a team that offers staff development courses about the use of learning technologies.
  • Opportunity to update knowledge and skills – I’ve been away on maternity leave for a year. Twitter and a few blog posts have kept me engaged at some level but it’s time to develop a deeper level of knowledge in some areas.
  • Chance to enlarge network – I have to take a deep breath with this one. It’s something I find a challenge to do but I sure that it’ll pay off.
  • Challenge myself – I have come to understand that learning technologists rather  enjoy change. We wouldn’t be doing this type of role if we didn’t. Hence part of that involves delving into things that are new and perhaps initially a bit daunting.

So how will I measure my engagement with this course?

  • One blog post at least every other week
  • Leaving at least two constructive comments on other MOOC members contributions every other week
  • Engaging in one other activity each month.

This may sound a little light in terms of engagement. I think at this stage I would rather be a little under-engaged than try and set myself up with too high a goal and feel disappointed that I didn’t meet up to my own expectations.

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